Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object

The smallest clue can often help solve a case.

We need your help in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

The below objects have been taken from the background of child sexual abuse images. We are convinced that more eyes will provide more leads and ultimately help to save these children.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content contains images that may be distressing to some people. 

Can you help us recognise these objects?

We specifically want to trace their origin (location/country). If you recognise any of these objects, click on the item and provide the ACCCE with the information you have. This can be done anonymously. Once we know where the object is, we will inform the relevant law enforcement agencies to further investigate this lead and hopefully speed up the identification of both the offender and the victim.

Out of respect for the victims, we urge you not to share any personal information (recognisable pictures, names, etc.) on social media or anywhere online. Your useful tips can be shared with us in a secure way via this website form. Thank you for your support.

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Established by Europol in 2017, the Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object initiative has resulted in:

  • the removal of ten children from harm
  • the arrest of three offenders
  • almost 26,000 tips on the possible origins of objects
  • 102 identified objects
  • 93 cases where a likely country of abuse was identified, and
  • several ongoing investigations working to establish the identity of victims and offenders.

For more information, please visit Europol Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object