About Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object


The smallest clue can often help solve a case.


‘Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object’ was established by Europol in 2017.

The initiative asks you to help identify objects extracted from the background of sexual abuse material involving children. Successful identifications can dramatically enhance law enforcement's ability to identify and locate both the victims and offenders.

Once we receive your report, our specialist team of victim identification officers will assess the information and inform the relevant law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

The AFP-led ACCCE is committed to outsmarting serious crime and striving to be one step ahead, because the world we live in demands it, and our community expects it.

What have the results been so far?

Since the launch of ‘Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object’ on 3 March 2021, the Australian Community has visited the webpage more than 52,000 times resulting in over 570 reports received. While still in its early stages, the reports received so far are of tremendous value to our investigators, resulting in:

  • Three investigation leads
  • Vendors of the specific objects assisting with investigations
  • Reporting of abuse from brave members of the public having seen released images online
  • Even more reports of child sexual abuse un-related to the images have been submitted on the ACCCE website

Most importantly, the images have faciliated increased awareness and discussion into online child sexual exploitation amongst the community. The fight is not over and we still need your help, we encourage you to spread the word and share these images. 

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The Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object initiative in Europe established in 2017 has resulted in:

  • Over 26 800 tips have been sent in via the general public;
  • Investigators were able to narrow down a country in 105 instances;
  • 12 children victim of child sexual abuse have been identified and removed from harm;
  • 4 offenders have been identified and prosecuted.

For more information, visit Europol Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object