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‘Closing The Net’ is a podcast series that for the very first time takes you inside the world of the Australian Federal Police and those policing the ‘borderless crime’ of online child sexual exploitation.

Episode guide and transcripts

Research conducted by the ACCCE in 2020 has shown that in Australia today, only around half of all parents talk to their children about online safety. 50% of parents don’t know what to do to keep their kids safe online. Just 3% of parents are concerned about online grooming. And sadly, most believe online child sexual exploitation is too repulsive to even think about.

‘Closing The Net’ is working to change that, showcasing that knowledge is power and that our only chance to eradicate this issue is if we bring a ‘whole-of-community’ response.

Season One

Hosted by father and Australian actor, Rodger Corser, season one of the series highlights the work of the ACCCE, which is leading a collaborative response to pursue and prosecute offenders in this crime type and also to remove children from harm.

Throughout the series, listeners will meet some incredible people who dedicate their lives to ending this horrendous crime type – people who work tirelessly to track down and bring online child sex offenders to justice and to protect children, plus those who have a commitment to preventing abuse through education and by providing tools, knowledge and resources.

The series will provide listeners with an understanding of what constitutes online exploitation and just how easily children can be targeted by anyone from anywhere.

Although some listeners may find parts of the content confronting, these are stories that need to be told. The issues they raise need to be acknowledged and talked about by parents, carers, teachers and community members.

Season Two

Narrated by Australian actress and mother, Caroline Craig, season two offers valuable tips and advice on how to keep kids safe online. Alongside parents, teachers, and industry experts, the episodes also contain valuable tips and advice from the AFP-led ThinkUKnow Program - Australia’s only national law enforcement-led online child safety program that delivers community presentations and online resources to raise awareness of online child sexual exploitation.




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