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    We're seeking the help of the community to identify objects extracted from Child Abuse Material through an Australian-first initiative:

    Stop child abuse - Trace an object

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    More than 21,000 reports of child exploitation were received by the ACCCE in 2020. Each report can contain hundreds and thousands of images and videos.

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    The AFP charged a total of 191 people with 1847 alleged child abuse-related offences in 2020.

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    Have you seen inappropriate behaviour towards children online? Report abuse to the ACCCE

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    Child protection is everyone’s responsibility.

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) provides a consistent, holistic and coordinated response to counter the online exploitation of children in Australia.

The ACCCE is built on four pillars (4Ps) to Prevent, Prepare, Pursue and Protect children against online exploitation.


  • Collaborate to prevent exploitation
  • Foster industry and community participation
  • Research, educate and understand


  • Become Future Ready
  • Innovate and evolve capability
  • Early intervention from exploitation


  • Identify victims and remove from harm
  • Investigate and prosecute offenders
  • Disrupt and dismantle exploitative networks
  • Coordinate responses to threats
  • Seize criminal assets


  • Team up with industry to protect children from exploitation
  • Help to protect victims from further abuse
  • Protect the wellbeing of members