For parents & carers

Online child sexual exploitation can be confronting and not an issue that you may have considered could affect you or your child. It is important that parents and carers understand what young people see, say and do online in order to know how to take action to prevent online challenges. The following resources provide information and guidance to empower you to help keep your children safe.

Jack Changes the Game

Jack Changes the Game is a children's picture book about staying safer online. In a first-of-its-kind for law enforcement, the book was developed by the Australian Federal Police with the support of a reference group comprising some of Australia’s leading experts in child protection.

Animation resources

Through market research and consultation with stakeholders, the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) identified that confusion exists in the community around what constitutes online child sexual exploitation (OCSE), and where to report matters that fall under the OCSE banner in Australia.  

To help improve awareness and understanding among the community, the ACCCE has developed three animations to explain: 

Parent & Carer Social Media Starter Kit

This starter kit has been created for when your child is beginning to sign up for social media apps and sites.

It includes advice on what to consider when creating social media accounts, potential challenges relating to certain features on social media, as well as tips and advice for ongoing social media use to prevent online child sexual exploitation.

Meeting people, making new friends and interacting online is common through social networking platforms.

COVID Lockdowns and Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Technology can be a great way for young people to stay connected with their family and friends and has become a key part of remote or home learning arrangements.

While lockdowns can impact family structures or habits around technology use, there are simple things that parents and carers can do to manage risks and ensure their child’s safety if they are spending more time online.

Advice for parents and carers

We know that many parents and carers can understandably feel overwhelmed when it comes to their child's online activities, but online safety skills can be learned. While there is no 'quick' fix when it comes to protecting your child from harm online, there are some simple behavioural and technical actions that parents and carers can start implementing in the home to help keep their children safe. 

Activities for families

As parents and carers, you play an important role in protecting your child from harm. Together with our partners we aim to support you in preventing and managing safety challenges that your child may face, as well as guiding your child to understand these and feel empowered to take action.


ThinkUKnow is Australia’s only national law enforcement led online child safety program that delivers community presentations and online learning resources with a focus on preventing online child sexual exploitation.

Other education resources

Children and young people of all ages need the support, guidance and education of adults to stay safe online. The ACCCE works closely with government agencies and non-government organisations to provide helpful resources for parents, carers and teachers. Our market research found only 52% of parents/carers talk to their children about online safety. Let’s work together to get everyone talking.