Stop the Stigma

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It’s time to talk about child sexual exploitation.

ACCCE research has shown that child sexual abuse and online sexual exploitation is a stigmatised topic and not well understood.

By opening discussion, we reduce the stigma and build awareness. Survivors are more likely to seek support. Perpetrators will find it harder to hide. This is vital for preventing this crime from happening to our children.

Learn how you can help stop the stigma here.

Hear their stories

    I am a survivor

    At 15-years-old, Grace Tame was insidiously groomed, stalked and sexually assaulted by her 58-year-old maths teacher. He thought she'd be silent, but hadn't counted on Grace's resilience, her sense of justice, her fighting spirit.

    I am a survivor

    Jason Murphy was three years old when his uncle started molesting him and others in his family. His story demonstrates his strength in adversity; and a hope that with support and change survivors can live a happy and fulfilled life.

    I am a clinical psychologist

    Dr. Deirdre Thompson is the Director of Therapeutic and Support Services at Bravehearts, a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating, empowering, and protecting children from child abuse.

    I am a parent

    Sonya Ryan’s 15-year-old daughter, Carly Ryan, was lured to a secluded beach and murdered by an online predator pretending to be an 18 year old boy. Sonya overcame her trauma and has dedicated her life to ensuring no parent or child will ever have to suffer in the same way.

    I am a police officer

    Commander Hilda Sirec is the Manager of the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation - a national multi- agency commitment by the Australian Government to prepare, prevent, pursue and protect children against harm.

    We are parents

    Bruce and Denise’s son Daniel went missing in 2003 in a case that captivated Australia. It was later revealed that he had been abducted and murdered by a notorious pedophile. Bruce and Denise have dedicated their lives and Daniel’s legacy to keeping Australia’s children safe.