Parent & Carer Social Media Starter Kit


This starter kit has been created for when your child is beginning to sign up for social media apps and sites.

It includes advice on what to consider when creating social media accounts, potential challenges relating to certain features on social media, as well as tips and advice for ongoing social media use to prevent online child sexual exploitation.

Meeting people, making new friends and interacting online is common through social networking platforms.

Unfortunately it can be easy for someone to lie about their online identity and it can be difficult to prove someone is who they say they are.

Challenges such as self-generated child sexual abuse material, inappropriate contact, online grooming, and coercion and extortion can take place on any interactive app or site.

Our focus is on the importance of providing education and tools for young people to use the internet safely, including recognising when something isn’t right and taking action.


Use this starter kit from the ThinkUKnow program to get up to speed on various features of social media apps and sites and prevent online child sexual exploitation:


Cover of social media starter kit