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Newsletter September 2022

Four years into the journey of the ACCCE and I can only be in awe of our achievements...  517 children removed from harm, 691 arrests, 6,104 charges laid, 95,153 reports received by the ACCCE triage unit and 2,020 referrals to Australian law enforcement.  More than 115 stakeholder relationships to collaborate and share knowledge.  More than 6.8 million social media users engaging with our awareness and prevention efforts.  

Newsletter June 2022

Global trends and our national response. Working in this crime type provides the ACCCE unique insights into criminal trends and the issues children face in the online world. Our intelligence drives our operational response as well as our prevention and education efforts aimed at protecting children from harm. This intelligence is shared with our partners locally and across the world so together we can combat this heinous crime. 

Newsletter March 2022

International partnerships Welcome back to the first edition of the ACCCE Quarterly Newsletter for 2022! When we said farewell to 2021, we hoped for greener pastures and that two years of challenges were behind us. Despite our workforce returning with energy and optimism, 2022 has continued to test us.

Newsletter December 2021

Partnership and collaboration We made it! I know I am not the only one acknowledging what a challenging year 2021 has been. But as I reflect on our achievements, as individuals and as a collective, I am heartened that the ACCCE values of partnership and collaboration are evident in everything we have done.

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