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Season Two 

Episode 1 

Focusing on what children are seeing and doing online. The episode speaks with the people behind the AFP-led ThinkUKnow online safety program, including volunteers who have been presenting for more than 10 years. AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw, Microsoft’s Phil Myer and Maria Bennett from Neighbourhood Watch are among those featured.  You will also hear from a parent who has learnt valuable tips from season 1 of Closing The Net around having open conversations with his kids.


Episode 2

This episode breaks down some of the myths about online child sexual exploitation and explains how easily it can happen to your child. It includes a case study of 13-year-old girl who sent naked images of herself to someone she didn’t know on Snapchat. The mother tells the podcast she was reluctant to allow her daughter on social media, but relented because her daughter’s friends were on the platform. When her daughter exchanged the image, the offender asked for more. When she refused, the image was sent to her school friends via snapchat.

Season One

Episode 1

Stopping online child sex offenders and protecting children from harm is what drives the women and men of the ACCCE. The world’s best child protection minds explain online child sexual exploitation, and what it will take to end it. Australia’s law enforcement and other government agencies work hand in glove to inform legislation,enforce harsh laws, and educate the community.



Episode 2

It’s now easier than ever for our children and young people to receive inappropriate contact via online devices, apps and games. Understand what constitutes online exploitation and how easily children can be targeted. Busting myths and stereotypes is a key in community awareness of this crime type.



Episode 3

Not all online child sex offenders are adults. Sexual exploitation by peers and image based abuse are rife issues in the technology and platforms we use every day. The youth of today do not differentiate between ‘the online world’ and ‘the real world’. How can carers adapt their approach to help them navigate the challenges they will invariably face?


Episode 4

What motivates an online child sex offender and how can law enforcement use that information to help protect our kids? Forensic psychologists are utilised in the fight against online child sex offenders, to ascertain the reason behind their actions in order to deter and prevent such crimes in the future.



Episode 5

Some families are torn apart by the death of a child. Others are galvanised by it and turn their grief into hope for others. Hear from some of Australia’s most courageous people, who’ve been through the rigmarole of online child sexual exploitation, and from the inspired bunch who have dedicated their lives to working and campaigning for the protection of all children.



Episode 6

Knowing more about technology and about what is and isn’t appropriate online is critical to protecting our kids online. Market research suggests there is a vast amount of work to be done to educate children and carers alike. The ACCCE is a complex capability that brings together expertise from across the globe.



Episode 7

Go inside the ACCCE with those who work tirelessly to protect children from harm and bring child sex offenders to justice. The ACCCE drives a collaborative national response to counter online child sexual exploitation. With the help of world leading personnel and capabilities, the ACCCE houses teams to triage reports, identify victims, build and enhance technology, inform prevention initiatives and target offenders.



Episode 8

If a child discloses online abuse to you, how should you support them and where should you go to report the abuse? The ACCCE and the eSafety Commissioner process reports that relate to online child sexual exploitation.
Find out how they operate, what their challenges are, how to report effectively, and the process that sees report turn into law enforcement action.



Episode 9

Bringing an end to online child sexual exploitation requires a collaborative international response, and Australia is leading the charge. The internet has profoundly changed the way in which we communicate, and has successfully enabled us to connect with each other from anywhere in the world. This, unfortunately, enables online child sex offenders to work anonymously in networks and provides a challenge like no other crime type. Evolving technology and a relentless collaborative effort to stamp these offenders out, has set us on a path to end online child sexual exploitation.



Episode 10

Australia’s law enforcement agencies are working to stay one step ahead of online offenders and ultimately wipe them out. Informed and dedicated leadership meets worldclass expertise. The global effort to end online child
exploitation is fuelled by the belief that there is an achievable end game.