Animation resources


Through market research and consultation with stakeholders, the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) identified that confusion exists in the community around what constitutes online child sexual exploitation (OCSE), and where to report matters that fall under the OCSE banner in Australia.  

To help improve awareness and understanding among the community, the ACCCE has developed three animations to explain: 

These short videos are targeted towards parents, carers and educators within Australia.

What is the ACCCE

This animation explains the purpose of the AFP-led ACCCE, how it functions and how it collaborates across government and non-government organisations to combat online child sexual exploitation.

What is Online Child Sexual Exploitation

This animation explains the nature and severity of the issue, as well as providing explanations of different forms of online child sexual exploitation including online grooming and sexual extortion.

How to report Online Child Sexual Exploitation

This animation outlines the process for reporting online crimes against children, and explains the role of law enforcement and other agencies involved in combating the abuse of children online.