The social media starter kit every parent & carer must read

Tue 01-02-2022 15:20 pm AEST

Together with the AFP's ThinkUKnow program, the ACCCE has today launched a new resource to encourage parents and carers to talk to their children about online safety.

The Parent and carer social media starter kit: prevention online child sexual exploitation provides tips and advice on how to implement safety measures to help prevent instances of online child sexual exploitation on social media.

AFP Commander for the AFP-led Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) Hilda Sirec said while some children may have had their own tablets, gaming consoles and other devices for years, turning 13 years old is an important milestone for parents and carers to initiate age-appropriate conversations about their personal safety online.

“Websites, apps, games or sites have the potential to be positive, and foster creativity, teach problem-solving skills, and provide much-needed connectivity to friends, however, there is also the potential for them to be misused or cause harm.

“Talking to your children early and often about their online behaviour as well as educating them on safe online practices is key to ensuring that children use the internet safely."


The starter kit along with other helpful information and advice can be found in the Resources for Parents & Carers section of the ACCCE website.