Daniel Morcombe Foundation Changes Futures at the ACCCE

Wed 24-08-2022 15:03 pm AEST

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) was pleased to host the Daniel Morcombe Foundation (DMF) last week (17-18 August) for their Changing Futures and National Forum workshops.

The Changing Futures program is about building the national knowledge base around children’s healthy, problematic, and abusive sexual behaviours.

Through free national webinars, state and territory workshops, and practical resources, Changing Futures aims to provide educators and other frontline staff with the knowledge, skills, and confidence in identifying, responding and providing early intervention to pre-teens displaying harmful sexual behaviours.

The Changing Futures Forum discussed research, findings, best practice and future directions in detection and prevention within a community of practice on harmful sexual behaviours. The event was attended by a range of stakeholder agencies from across Queensland, who came together to collaborate, establish connections and continue the commitment of DMF to Keep Children Safe.

Changing futures with Hilda
From left: ACCCE Prevention and Engagement Ashley Carvalho, DMF National Educational Manager Beth McNamara, ACCCE Commander Hilda Sirec and our Changing Futures Manager, Aisha Filet


ACCCE and Human Exploitation Commander Hilda Sirec said programs like this are an important prevention initiative to recognise and change the future of the next generation of offenders.

“The education of our front line workers today will directly impact the future work of the ACCCE and our law enforcement partners. For this reason, it’s so important that we amplify the message where we can,” Commander Sirec said.  

The event was co-hosted by Luke Twyford, Chief Executive & Principal Commissioner, Queensland Family & Child Commission.

“The Changing Futures Forum organised by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and hosted by ACCCE was a fantastic event. By working together these two organisations brought together key players from across Australia to discuss and explore how to improve the lives of Queensland children. This event had a significant impact and contributes to a better response to children,” Mr Twyford said.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Associate Professor Elspeth McInnes and Dr Lesley-Anne Ey, University of South Australia
  • Phillipa Weaver, National Office of Child Safety
  • Nicole Trousdell and Sharon Kelly, Department of Children Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs
  • Dr Danielle Harris, Deputy Director-Research of the Griffith Youth Forensic Service.

All speakers prompted enthusiastic conversations focussed on improving outcomes for Queensland children.

Next year the program will transition to Bright Futures to include the growing prevalence of technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour and child sexual exploitation.

For more information, visit danielmorcombe.com.au